I’m curious about life and how much it has to offer!

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m facilitator of life, transformation, authentic living and embodiment.

I have found that when we let our body, mind and knowing(heart) work together in life,
everything seems so much easier.
Only when we let ourselves fully be present with our own experience we will find peace, and true contentment in life. No matter how the situation looks like.

There is nothing right or wrong about the way with choose to live our lives.
Yet, with or without big dreams and goals, most people are longing for some kind of inner peace and
contentment with themselves. That is why I do what I do.

So many today feel a little lost and don’t really see the purpos or meaning of their lives.
Questioning life and themselves, asking;
Is this the way it should be? Why am I here and why is all of these harsh things going on in the world and in my life?

I facilitate clients to connect with their bodies, their authentic self and inner knowing. So they can be more present in life, with what is going on and to fully experience.
This allows for less resistance, deep relaxation, natural self expression and to go through life with a greater sense of ease and gratitude.
It opens for physical, mental and emotional healing as well as to follow your dreams and to create
your dream life.
I offer my work through intuitive sessions with verbal coaching and body work as well as giving classes of
meditation, movement, dance and yoga.
 Sessions are gentle, caring and goes direct at the same time.

Your life experience is unique to you. Why tip toe around the core when we can go direct to open you up?

How may a session assist you?
Many people, including leaders and facilitators, are searching for clarity about themselves,
how to fully express and embody their authentic self and how to use their natural gifts and abilities.

Some people are searching for guidance on how to handle certain life events as life goes up and down.
So many are longing to feel embraced, loved and to be able to relax and feel comfortable in their own body.
It’s endless how a session can assist you and what it can open up for.
I will assist you with what you need at this time, to make you feel confident in your own skin
as you are.
Read more about me here!

If you feel drawn to work with me please use the appointment schedule below and book the available
time slot that suits you.
If you wouldn’t find a suitable time slot or if you have a question please click here!

Embracing life and yourself as it is, right now...

Equals true contentment!