I wonder what else I would enjoy in life!?!


Fully connected, fully alive…

What if the sky is NOT the limit?

Show me more please!

Thomas has been in the field of personal and spiritual development for many years.

After going through different courses and modalities of healing, selfhelp and meditation he found that we are the only one that ever have the answers to our own lives.

It’s all there within and as you listen to it and go with it, your life will start to grow and expand.
Your truth will also evlove and change as you grow and move through life. As you discover more about yourself and how life works you get to see that nothing is really as you think it is. Your life is an unfoldment of experiences. Not a thought. The mind can never understand you or what you experience.

Life is far more simple and rich than we tend to make it.


Life is richer than we are willing to preceive and receive it. We often define and judge what we see and what is happening and that limits what you get out of it.
As we grew up we were taught all kinds of fun things, mostly imprinted with right & wrong, dont’s & do’s, good & bad all sprinkled with a little fear. So of course it all get a little funky and impossible to understand what is really true for yourself. That takes the simplicity out of the experience when you at all times are dealing with the duality.

But the beauty of it all is that you get to explore and unlearn as you go through life.
You discover who you really are as you wake up to yourself, your divine abilities and the whole universe.

This site is dedicated to a life of awakening to you and your divine nature and showing you how that could look like.

A journey of love, a life lived through the heart.